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            ADOPTIVE PARENT PROFILES           

California Families

See a profile you like? Is there a family you want to learn more about? Please click on their picture to speak to our program coordinator and receive the full parent profile.

Scott, Dawn & Emma: A trio of talent this fun family is ready to explore the world. Dawn is the song bird of the family and makes several appearances at professional games around her city. Emma is following in mom's artistic footprints and loves to paint. Scott enjoys hiking around the beach and teaching Emma how to golf. Extended family is close by to celebrate the little victories in life and share the holidays. "We have so much love to give a child."

Christina & Greg: This accomplished pair has been married for six years and love to spend their time traveling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. Both are very accomplished (Emmy award winning) and talented people who enjoy working with their church and helping out their family, which includes 4 grandparents, 11 aunts and uncles and 10 cousins! "All that's missing from our family is a child to love."

Family Location     Family Structure

CA                  With Kids    Without Kids

DC                     Families Open to Ethnicity     

HI                    Open to all    African-American

ID             Bi-racial   Hispanic