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CASI is a Hague Accredited Agency.

       In effort to control the population, China home to 1.3 billion and 20% of the worlds population, implemented a one-child policy.  As a result, millions of orphaned Chinese children who are primarily girls, reside in orphanages waiting to be adopted by a permanent and loving adoptive family. The largest number of international adoptions continue to be processed from China.

CASI Foundation For Children, Inc. is proud of the relationship we have established with China.  It has improved the adoption process as well as allowed a strong partnership with China to improve the quality of life for orphans through humanitarian projects and aid.


Parent Eligibility: Parents must be 30 years old and must be married or together for at least two years.  At least one parent must be a United States citizen.                         **Parent assessment questionnaire must be completed before application. For eligibility questionnaire please please click here.

Length of Adopt Process: The wait time for China is still being determined. Please     e-mail Tammy Johnson for more information. Click here to e-mail Tammy.

Children Needing Homes: Children of all ages, mostly girls.

Travel Requirements: One trip that is 10-14 days. At least one parent is required to travel, and it is highly recommended that both parents travel.


Adoptive families are required to attend 10 hours of training on issues related to adoption and parenting.  


(from left to right)

Jane: Travel Guide, Michael: Travel Guide, and Melody: Travel Coordinator