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      CASI Foundation for Children is one of few agencies approved by the China Center of Adoption Affairs to use CCAA's Online Information System to seek loving homes for children with special needs or over 6 years of age.

Files of these children are available for interested adoptive families who are home study ready.  The most common special needs include Cleft Lip and Palate, limb difference, Albinism, Congenital Heart Disease, Hepatitis B, burns, port wine birthmark, Ichthyosis, hernia, Scoliosis and deafness.  CASI works with families nation-wide who are committed to adopt special needs children.

Families who live in the state of Idaho need to complete the homestudy with CASI before their dossiers are sent to CCAA for special needs adoption. The adoption process is the same as families who adopt non-special needs children with the exception that it is an identified adoption and the waiting time to travel to China is much shorter than that of adopting a non-special needs child.

For families living outside of Idaho, they will need to complete a homestudy with a licensed adoption agency in their area and CASI will help with the placement of a special needs child as the “placing agency”.

To find out more about our China special needs adoption program, please contact Tammy Johnson


Parent Eligibility: Parents must be 30 years old and must be married or together for at least two years.  At least one parent must be a United States citizen.                                   **Parent assessment questionnaire must be completed before application. For eligibility questions please, please click here.

Length of Adopt Process: Average length is about 11-12 months from application to travel.

Children Needing Homes: Children of all ages, with minor to severe disabilities. To see current waiting children, please visit our waiting child's page.

Travel Requirements: One trip that is 10-14 days. At least one parent is required to travel, and it is highly recommended that both parents travel.


Adoptive families are required to attend 10 hours of training on issues related to the adoption of children with special needs. 


(from left to right)

Jane: Travel Guide, Michael: Travel Guide, and Melody: Travel Coordinator