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      There are 30,000 domestic infant adoptions each year in the United States. Women from all backgrounds, with unplanned pregnancies, are making the courageous choice to give their child a better life through adoption.  Families who are open to African American or Bi-racial infants are especially needed to provide loving homes. In effort to decrees our families wait time, CASI Foundation for Children networks with over fifteen agencies around the United States.


All applicants must have a valid home study. Those who submit a home study, not written by a CASI employee or contract caseworker, including Idaho Certified Adoption Professionals (CAPs), must be approved by the Infant Program Coordinator.

Click here for more information regarding home study requirements.


Parent Eligibility: Parents must be 25 years of age . Married couples must be married or together for at least two years.  At least one parent must be a United States citizen.

**Due to changes in New York law, we are not able to accept New York residents into this program at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  If you are a New York resident, please contact for information from a private adoption attorney. **

Length of Adopt Process: Time will vary. The birthparents select the adoptive parents from adoptive parent profiles of couples and singles that meet the birthparents preference.

Children Needing Homes: Normally newborns, can be older and both boys and girls. Children come from all ethnic backgrounds.

Travel Requirements: Some travel in the United States may be necessary, depending on the location of your child.


Adoptive families are required to attend 10 hours of training on issues related to adoption and parenting.  

For more information on the Domestic Infant Program please contact the coordinator Katie Orcher

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