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            ADOPTIVE PARENT PROFILES           

Idaho Families

Is there a family you want to learn more about? Please click on their picture to speak to our program coordinator and receive the full parent profile.

Lisa: The desire to be a mother has been a constant in Lisa's heart for as long as she can remember. A dedicated health professional, she is set up to work part time once the baby arrives. She has a deep love for the outdoors, traveling, camping and hiking that she can't wait to share with her child. "There's is nothing I would cherish more then opening my heart to a child."

Joseph & Sarah: After being married for 4 years, we are ready to begin serving a little one in our lives. If it works out for us to adopt your child, we promise that they will be the focal point of everything we do.


Scott & Carol: We love making memories! We ride bikes as a family, swim often, go to the zoo, out to movies, read books, and go on lots of vacations. Extended family, cousins and Grandparents are a big part of our life! We have family BBQ's, get together for birthdays, weekly play time, and weekend trips to the family cabin. 


Tom & Heidi We value your choice to shape a life that empowers both you and your child.  Our life is a commitment to the well-being of ourselves, our family, our patients, and our community. We believe in raising children to respect themselves and the world around them.  We look forward to providing a loving home and strong adoptive family for ourselves and for our new child.

Will & Tiffany Best described as active and fun, this young couple enjoys spending time on the beach, in the mountains, at the zoo, on the lake, or with family. They have two wonderful kids and are looking forward to adding to their family. Whether in football, ballet, music, etc., they are excited to see all of their kids grow and excel in life. They will encourage and love each one of their children as they mature.           

Phillip & Nycole Our families have been woven together through the gift of adoption. After 6 years of marriage we are ready to add a little one to our family. He/she will be the center of our lives and we hope to share many wonderful experiences as we laugh and grow. Whether baking chocolate chip cookies or making Smores while camping, we will have fun.


James & Deborah We love the outdoors.  Our favorite thing to do together is go camping, either in or our camper or with tents.  While there, we take hikes, fish, and enjoy our time together.  Our extended families live in the same city and are very involved in our daily activities.  We love to dance and sing around the house, play softball, and play games.

Family Location     Family Structure

CA                  With Kids    Without Kids

DC                     Families Open to Ethnicity     

HI                    Open to all    African-American

ID             Bi-racial   Hispanic