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 "Can you be in Texas tomorrow?" , the words seemed to be expected and a complete surprise at the same time. It was January 6th and just the day before we had been notified that there was a baby girl in Texas who's birthmother was looking to place her. Our caseworker, Tammie asked if we would be interested in trying to match with this birthmother, and we had said "yes." We knew there were other families also interested in this match, we were also told that we wouldn't here anything for a few days, but for some reason when this call came, I already knew. I knew our baby was waiting for us.

We are the Brownfields, William, LisaMarie and Elsa. We came together through adoption with the help of CASI and an agency they network with, Adoption Access, in Texas. The adoption process was flawless. Our home study went very smoothly, and we took our time putting together our profile. William was eager to "just get it done", but since I scrapbook as a hobby, I had to have everything just right. Once the profiles were released we had a whirlwind of excitement, hopes, dreams and finally bliss. The profiles were released in September, by Halloween we had 2 birthmother considering our family. In November we asked our profile be pulled from a possible match we felt uncomfortable with, and we interviewed with another birth family. On January 3rd, we received a call from a birth family explaining they were choosing not to place with us. Just when things seemed to be the most frustrating, we were blessed. We had no idea that 4 days later we would be in Texas, meeting our 2 day old daughter.

We truly believe every family waiting has a perfect match out three, and we truly believe if its meant to be it will be. We know in our soul Elsa was the child meant for us. Our wait for our child seemed endless, and in reality it was only 115 days. When we asked our daughters worker, "Why did she pick us?", we were told she thought our family looked like "fun people." I wonder if she realizes we have much more fun now that we have Elsa. Everyday we are grateful to our daughters birthmother, and to CASI Foundation for Children, Inc. and Adoption Access, for matching us with a child who is perfect for us.