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70% of the orphans in China are disabled, either mentally and/or physically and are not receiving the medical services necessary.  CASI  wants to generate funds to provide these necessary medical services to help improve the lives of disabled and orphaned children as well as help them become more adoptable.

CASI has been funding medical surgeries since 1999. Many of these surgeries have included the correction of cleft lip and cleft palates, inverted feet and congenital heart disease. The need for additional surgeries continues to grow daily.

Hundreds of orphans have received necessary treatment and have become more adoptable and have a better chance for a future.

The average corrective surgery is $1,000 USD.  We collect donations of any size to help:

Improve or eliminate physical disabilities                                                                                  Enhance emotional well-being                                                                                                        Help these children BECOME MORE ADOPTABLE!                                                               Give a bed to another waiting orphan

Dental services for orphans are generally not available.  However, Dental Services have begun in CASIs orphanage in Jiaocheng by Dr. Delmar Gray of Boise, an Advisory Board Member and Idaho Dentist. The project will now include funding for dental equipment and supplies plus organizing volunteer dentists to provide regular basic services to the orphans. Based on funding, this project is expandable throughout Chinas orphanage system.  Dr. Delmar Gray of Boise, traveled to Jiaocheng, China March 2002. His time was spent with the orphans and providing dental exams and basic dental care education. He returned November of 2002 with supplies and funds for some equipment for the facility. He provided follow-up dental care for nearly 100 orphans and their caregivers.

Delmar Gray Children suffer pain from many sources.  Loss of family, hunger, loneliness and disease all take their toll.  Most of us have been shielded by a loving God from such sorrows but he has not forgotten his orphans ( homeless children).  All of us have something to offer.  My small part is to help alleviate the pain caused by dental disease.  I know I cant make everything all right for all of them, but what I can do, I do joyfully.

To make a donation please send checks or money orders to

      CASI Foundation for Children

c/o Orphan Relief Fund

2308 N. Cole Rd, Suite E

Boise, ID 83704

Or call 1-800-376-0558