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Many children are adopted each year, but what about the children left behind?

CASI Foundation For Children and the People of China join together to make a difference in their futures.

Endorsements - Individuals and groups around the world recognize the difference this fund can make to millions of children.

China's Social Welfare system does what it can to provide for the children. However, they are limited in funding, caregivers, available medical attention, living space and vocational opportunities.

At age 16, the orphans have to enter society, on their own, with or WITHOUT the skills needed to survive.

Your tax deductible donations will improve the quality of life for these orphans by offering them funds for the necessary medical procedures, help establish vocational and life skill development programs and improve the facilities and staffing at the orphanages for the special needs orphaned children.

Please make donations out to:

Orphan Relief Fund

c/o CASI Foundation For Children

2308 N. Cole Rd., Suite E

Boise, Idaho 83704

or charge by phone at 1-800-376-0558