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  This unique program offers adoptive parents who are open to a child with special needs a wonderful opportunity to adopt. 

Parents only wait 3-4 months before being able to view any child's profile and 6-12 months to travel and bring their baby home!


 We ask inquiring parents to have submitted an approved application and be homestudy ready before inquiring about a specific child.  Parents must also meet all the requirements set by CCAA for Chinese adoptions.   

To review China adoption requirements please click HERE.                                         To download an application please click HERE.


AVERY 11/05/2005: Splish, splash, this little girl loves her bath! Her care takers describe her as outgoing, active and busy. She smiles often and will dance to music on the radio but her favorite thing is playing in the water.

Special need diagnoses: Tuberous sclerosis and Up slanting right eye. 

ZACHARY 4/7/2007: Crawling is this little guy's favorite mode of transportation. He is very clever and is learning to stand using handrails, chairs or anyone with in his reach. He is not shy of strangers, and looks to them to play new games with. He is very active but loves to be cuddled when it is time for his nap.

Special need diagnoses: Albinism.

BRADLEY 2/09/2008: FOUND A FOREVER FAMILY! ! His devilish dimple melts the heart of anyone he smiles at. He loves to be held and often reaches for his caretakers. He is initially shy of strangers but will smile back if they present him with one his favorite toys. He's an intelligent little guy and is learning how to communicate with smiles and small sounds.

Special need diagnoses: Congenital Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate.                                    He had corrective surgery on 12/12 to correct this condition.

GWEN 7/16/2007: FOUND A FOREVER FAMILY! ! With her dolly as her constant companion, this little girl is ready for anything. She is happy to explore the room with the help of her trusty walker and very giggly when she's teased. Playing outdoors as often as she can, she interacts well with other children.

Special need diagnoses: Disability of the arms with limited function.   

IAN 9/21/2007: This little boy loves to be entertained! Everyone is worth meeting and he's very outgoing. He'll play with his toys but he's happier if there is someone else to play with. After he's all tuckered out, he falls asleep with his favorite blanket. He is just learning to say "Mama."

Special need diagnoses: C.H.D

TIMOTHY 2/3/08: Playing with blocks, listening to music and mimicking his caretakers keeps this little guy busy. He loves to play with building blocks and laughs as he knocks them down. He's active and friendly and enjoys having company. His favorite time is lunch time, when he heads for the rice custard.

Special need diagnoses: Intestinal Fistulation.  He will have surgery to completely correct the giant colon at proper time.


SARA 3/12/07:  FOUND A FOREVER FAMILY! !                                       A mischievous little girl, she likes to make faces at strangers and winks at people passing by. She's just full of personality! She is very kind to others and will often share her toys with other kids. When she gets the chance to play outside she'll head straight for the see-saw. She's a friendly little girl, always ready with a smile.                                                                                                                                     Special need diagnoses: Congenital Equinovarus.


GRACE 8/28/2008: FOUND A FOREVER FAMILY! !                                Rain drops on roses, toys with sound and radios are just a few of her favorite things. She can laugh out loud and she enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, expect when it's lunch time, then she's ready for her milk and rice cakes. She's a happy little girl and is very sweet natured.

Special need diagnoses: Severe Cleft Lip and Palate.