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Childhood Trauma and the Long-term Effects:

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has developed a
brochure directed towards parents of children adopted internationally. This
brochure is intended to alert the parents to the special health needs of their
children.  In addition, the last page of the brochure is a page parents can
give to their pediatricians specifying the AAP recommendations for which lab
tests and screenings should be done for children adopted internationally.
The updated brochure can be found at

FAQ’s Regarding the 2013 Adoption Tax Credit: ATCWG – FAQs – Jan 2013

Financial Assistance: If you are interested in financial resources for your adoption including grants, loans, and tax information please visit

University of Chicago Adoption Center Online Video Library for adoptive parents:

Child Development: What children eat in their earliest months impact them for the rest of their lives.

New research out of the University of Minnesota shows that under-nutrition in adopted kids is not always obvious and may actually worsen if gone untreated during the period of “catch-up growth” post-adoption.  Joint Council, in partnership with SPOON Foundation, is pleased to announce  – a new, comprehensive resource developed to educate parents about the unique nutritional and feeding needs of adopted and foster children. was created with expert input from SPOON Foundation’s medical team, led by Dr. Dana Johnson. It offers critical information in a user-friendly format, covering topics such as:

The site also serves as a venue for adoptive and foster families to share their nutrition-related experiences and ask questions of an expert team.


Here is another great website about the developing brain and child development: This particular link goes to how Toxic Stress effects development.  The Harvard website has many other short videos and resources.

Link to Youtube video’s from Harvard on the Developing Child:



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