Adoption Programs


Programs at a Glance

Country/ Program

Parent Eligibility

Children Needing Homes

Approximate Program Fees

Length of Adoption Process



US Infant

- 25 years old


- Couples together at least 2 years


- Singles accepted


- 1 parent a US                 citizen



- Newborns





$12,000-$40,000     (depending on placing agency)



6-24 month Avg.

 -Determined by     birthparents who make the selection of the adoptive parent(s).

 Average wait times vary according to openness to ethnicity, gender and birth parent health history.



- Possible travel if baby is born                 outside your state of residence.



Foster Adoption

-25 years old


-at least 15 years older than child you wish to adopt


-1 parent a US citizen


-Singles accepted


-Couples must be married for at least two years



Ages 8-17

*Younger if interested in sibling groups

-all have some form of special needs





6+ months 


- Most likely when child resides     outside of Idaho.

































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