Foster Adoption

CASI Foundation for Children works together with caseworkers throughout the states who desire to provide a permanent home for children with a variety of special needs.  These children currently reside in foster homes in care of the U.S. Foster Care system.  Currently, there are 114,000 of these children nationwide waiting for permanent families.  The children range in age as well as abilities and challenges.  This program is very unique in that the children need parents who understand the neglect and abuse they have experienced.  These parents are asked to love and care for children who may not give love back right away because of all the pain and rejection they have suffered; this is a tough job. The bright side to this program is being able to watch pain and fear subside, and witness the growth and success of a child who learns that they are significant enough to experience love.


  • Singles and couples must be 25 years of age.
  • Parents must be at least 15 years older then the child.
  • Couples must be married (or in a committed relationship) for at least two years.
  • Prior Parenting/Foster Care is recognized as a strength
  • Must complete 20 hours of training.
  • Parents must be willing to spend time networking and locating children they wish to pursue.
  • Parents must complete a home study evaluation.
  • One parent must be a US Citizen.


A committee of caseworkers from the placing state select the adoptive family therefore the wait time will vary.  Your wait time will also be affected by the amount of time you spend networking for your prospective children on the foster care websites provided.

WAITING CHILDREN                                                  


Application Fee…………..$200

Program Fee………………..$900

Finalization Fees will vary per attorney.

For more information on this program please contact

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