Family Style Orphanages

On October 22, 2001, CASI Foundation for Children, Inc. and the Social Welfare Organization of Jiaocheng, China opened the CASI Family-Style orphanage, the 1st and only orphanage in that area.

Jiaocheng, China lacked adequate medical care, housing, education and adoption opportunities for its children. The Medical Center, which is part of the new CASI Home, will service the entire community as well as the orphans who live onsite.

This facility serves as a model throughout China for the expansion of both new complexes and remodeling existing orphanages. These new CASI Homes will give orphaned children a family, healthy food, clean living conditions, medical treatment and educational opportunities.

Family-Style Orphanage: An orphanage which provides apartment like units where a “momma” and 6-7 orphans live together as a family.
It promotes healthy relationships and social development.

Traditional Orphanages: Traditional orphanages are much like warehouses, large rooms where several beds line walls and a high number of children per caregiver ratio.

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