Waiting Families

Is there a family you want to learn more about? Please click on their picture to email the program coordinator and receive the full parent profile.  Please note, for privacy, not all of CASI’s waiting families are listed on this website.

Jeff & Deborah(MD)We are a fun loving couple who enjoy traveling the world together.  We will provide a child the opportunities to see the world and teach them to be open minded as well as have high morals.  We believe in giving a child lots of love through kisses, hugs, and saying “I love you” every day.  We are also here to protect and provide them with a safe home full of love and warmth.  Both our family and friends cannot wait to meet the new member of our family and love them with all their hearts.

Gorka & Trina (ID) We are so thankful to be parents. We would love to welcome another son or daughter into our family.  We believe that our responsibility as parents is to discover the gifts God has given our children and help develop those gifts so that our children can become the people God created them to be.  Along the way we laugh a lot, make mistakes and start over, letting our children know each step of the way that they are loved by us and the Lord!

David & Kim (ID)We have been married for almost seven years.  We live in a small city that has many features of country living and includes more than a dozen members of our combined families.  Spending time outdoors (biking, camping, gardening and golf), being with family and friends during holidays and special occasions and travelling to explore new areas are some of the things we like to do.  We can’t wait to start the next chapter of our life together by adding someone special to our home.


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